About us
Maestro Hotel Management

Maestro Hotel Management is a strategic partner in the management and construction of premium 4-5 star hotel complexes and hotels and premium segment restaurants.

Combining the experience of professionals in the hospitality industry, we offer comprehensive hotel facilities management services for owners and investors: from creating an architectural concept and offering the most efficient use of space to the technical support of construction and the introduction of high service standards.

We develop architectural and design concepts that offer innovative service services and individualistic strategies that expand the capabilities of hotels, resorts, and restaurants to create an extraordinary guest experience, capture new markets of influence, increase revenue and asset growth.

Our principles

Hospitality From The Heart

Hospitality is our main principle, which we cultivate in the team and project onto all the company’s projects.

Team Value

All key employees of Maestro Hotel Management have at least 7 years of work experience in the hotel and restaurant sector. Our team is ideally tailored to the solution of complex projects of any complexity.

Striving for perfection

Like any master who discovers new subtleties and unexplored aspects of his work from year to year, our specialists consistently improve themselves in their field.

Our team
Eduard Rezhynskiy
Mariia Ivchenko
Head of Marketing
Kostyuk Elena
Head of Sales
Stoliarova Olena
Olga Rebeza
FnB director
Iryna Pecherna
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