P1 Prosecco Bar

The first Prosecco & Crudo bar in Odessa

P1 is a bar immersed in shadows, light, and sea panorama on the 6th floor of the first marine design hotel M1 Club Hotel. Minimalistic wood, glass, and metal finishes, massive leather and metal furniture, a speakeasy bar, and light from panoramic windows create a unique space for relaxation.

Gourmet parties are regularly held on the P1 terrace with the participation of the best musicians and mixologists. It is also possible to keep private events and implement any event opportunities. P1 has everything to create an unforgettable event.

Services :

  • Operational management and financial support
  • Marketing communications


  • 35%
    Customer Retention Rate Growth 35%
  • 10%
    Net Profit Margin Growth
  • 35%
    Gross Profit Growth
  • 30%
    Average guest check Growth
  • 62%
    Total Revenue Growth 62%