Hotel development
Hotel development

Hotel development assists an investor or owner in building a hotel that meets the highest standards. We, as practitioners, know how it works. An experienced team, business reputation, market knowledge, the ability to anticipate risks, the development of an architectural concept, a business plan, and our personal guarantee are expressed in revenue figures.


The concept of the hotel complex 

  • Definition of the target audience
  • Sales strategy (determination of a unique trading advantage, building a pricing policy)
  • Analysis of competitors’ activity
  • Hotel concept
  • Restaurant concept


Planning solutions

  • Recommendations for the improvement of the territory
  • Recommendations for the design concept
  • Recommendations on the planning solutions of the hotel areas
  • Technical specification for design
  • Technical specification for designers
  • Specification and recommendations for inventory and equipment



  • Compilation of a list of hotel complex services according to 5-star standards


Financial strategy

  • Business plan developing


Organizational structure

  • Organizational structure of the hotel complex developing
  • Staffing table of employees